I have witnessed a laughing, skipping child enter the museum's Hall of Primates, only to come out wailing and begging her parents to take her home. I think it's safe to say that this has happened more than once.
Leontideus rosalia, Lion marmosetLagotbrix lagothrica, Brown woolly monkeyBrachyteles arachnoides, Southern muriquiCebus apella, Tufted capuchinAlouatta guariba, Brown howlerChiropotes chiropotes, Red-backed bearded sakiNasalis larvatus, Proboscis monkeyPygathrix entellus, Gray langurGibbon (info to be added)Pongo pygmaeus, Bornean orangutanLemur catta, Ring-tailed lemurSaimiri boliviensis, Black-capped squirrel monkeyPygathrix melalophos, Banded langurPropitbecus diadema, Diademed sifakaCallithrix aurita, Eared marmoset